Book Reviews

Out of our personal love of books, and our many years of being in the book publishing industry we have decided to offer “intelligent” and professional reviews of authors and publishers books. We write the review and you have a chance to approve it before we post it on Amazon, Goodreads, and our extensive social network. We charge a small fee of $75 for each review. What we need to accomplish the review is a physical copy of the book and the book’s cover.

Parkhurst Brothers Publishing hired Selby ink to review a number of their books. An example of one of the reviews is posted below.


Trail Guide for a Crooked Heart: Stories and Reflections for a Life’s Journey. Soul satisfying wisdom and entertainment all rolled into one delightful package, I truly love this book. One of my favorite stories is ‘I Hear your Horse Ran Off’ and the refrain, well this could be good or bad. How many times in life does something happen and we don’t know whether it is a good thing, or will open the door to something not so good? Jim states, ”Our imagination like the heart muscle of the soul, seeks to know the unknowable: a belief in the afterlife, a solution to some unexplainable observed phenomenon, a connection to the divine.” Through his stories Jim shows us that the full color world of metaphor and spirituality can take up residence in our hearts and souls. And when our hearts open the delusion of separateness will be replaced by feeling connected to people, to our own stories, to nature, to those who have gone before us. I can tell Jim lives his life by this wisdom, he is a classic storyteller, weaving his own personal story and wisdom into every tale he tells.